SOCS325 Volunteer in a Local Environmental Campaign

March 8, 2022
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SOCS325 Volunteer in a Local Environmental Campaign

SOCS325 Volunteer in a Local Environmental Campaign

Volunteer in (or research) a local environmental campaign
for a day and create an Audio PowerPoint about the problems the campaign faces
in terms of the themes of the chapter, such as knowledge cultivation, the
dialogue of solidarities, and double politics, and submit the assignment.
Students are required to create an Audio PowerPoint, of the experience
volunteering in (or research) of a local environments campaign. The Audio
PowerPoint Requirement: introduction slide, minimum 7-8 additional slides, and
conclusions slide (total 10 slides).

Remember to submit your assignment for grading.

Our planet is facing an environmental and climate crisis. Protecting our natural environment is key to the survival of fragile ecosystems, wildlife and even humankind. As environmental activist Edward Abbey once said, ‘Action is the antidote to despair’.

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SOCS325 Volunteer in a Local Environmental Campaign

SOCS325 Volunteer in a Local Environmental Campaign

Passionate about environmental conservation ad want to help solve these global challenges? At IVHQ, we believe that volunteering on an Environmental Conservation volunteer program is a powerful way to become part of the solution.

By regenerating rainforests, jungles, coastlines, and wildlife on one of our Forest Conservation projects, you can help preserve ecosystems for generations to come. Our Eco and Sustainable Agriculture projects are another powerful way to help protect nature, decrease poverty and curb greenhouse gas emissions through sustainable practices. Or, you can get involved in promoting environmentally friendly ways of living, educating local communities and restoring biodiversity in urban spaces on our Environmental Sustainability and Education projects.

The best part? As an environmental conservation volunteer with IVHQ, you can make a positive impact on the environment, all while exploring an incredible new part of the world and making incredible friendships!

Explore the best environmental volunteer opportunities below and discover how you can make a difference!

As an Environmental volunteer with IVHQ, you will work closely with local organizations and community members to support both proactive and reactive methods of protecting our natural environment.

As the only certified B Corporation in our field, our impact on volunteers, local teams, communities and the environment is audited and held to the highest ethical standards.

From regenerative agriculture and reforestation volunteer programs to climate justice and jungle conservation, our locally-run projects are set up to target the most pressing environmental challenges of that region. Whether it’s preserving natural habitats, preventing deforestation, promoting sustainable farming practices, educating local people or helping ease the effects of pollution and climate change – you can be sure that you’ll be making an impact where it is genuinely needed.

Want to help protect life below water? Check out IVHQ’s best Marine Conservation programs here! Or if you’re looking to preserve endangered animals and their habitats in Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific, see our best Wildlife Conservation programs here.

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