SOCS 325 Discussion Collaborative Group Project

March 8, 2022
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SOCS 325 Discussion Collaborative Group Project

SOCS 325 Discussion Collaborative Group Project

Week 1

The instructor will divide the class up into Collaborative
Groups of 3 (or 4); collaborative technology allows the groups to work together
on the same document at the same time. Collaborative documents are saved in
real-time, meaning a change by any of its users will be immediately visible to
everyone. Each group is required to collaborate on a Vision-Board PowerPoint
titled, Looking Ahead, which will be submitted into the Week 8 Discussion.

Week 2

Each team member is to create 3 Slides that represent his or
her thoughts and ideas about the future; and, each slide must have (1) a single
word as the heading and (2) a footnote paragraph explaining how the word
represents his or her future.

Week 3

The group is required to combine all of the individual
slides, of each group member, into one PowerPoint presentation and submit.

Weeks 3, 5, 6, and 7

Each group member is required to collaborate in creating the
final PowerPoint by including photos, embedded video links, quotes, and other
creative vision-board ideas that reflect the individual’s vision of the future
(students cannot work on their own slides).

Week 7

The groups’ Looking Ahead Vision-Board PowerPoint is due for
grading and is also to be submitted into the Week 8 Looking Forward Discussion
on Monday of Week 8.

Week 8

The entire class is required to respond and to give feedback
on a minimum of three group Vision-Board PowerPoints before the closing of Week

Who is in your group? Are they punctual with their work? Did they have a lot to say in discussion forums? Did they sound like they thought out their work?
How team members work can be as important as the subject you are working on. If all members of the team share similar work styles – keep to deadlines, prefer discussion rather one person taking a leadership role, the team can get the project work done more easily.
When you can select your team mates, forming a group with similar working and learning styles is more important than the subject area.
Can the group “meet” in real-time to get started?
Using instant messaging or any other collaboration tool can be useful for your team “kick-off”. Everyone has lots of questions and this is a good, quick way to have everyone participate and get their questions thought about and answered.
Who else is in the group? What is their background and interests?
For the project to be successful, you are going to have to work as a team. You need to know what resources are available. You want to have the opportunity to do your best work and rely on others to do their part. Getting to know others on the team will help determine how to work together and determine what work you will need to do.
Describe yourself, your interests and your expertise to your group. Ask questions is you would like to know more about others in your group. Be sure to share information about yourself and your skills if it will help the group get organized. Each person should tell the group his or her name, interests related to the project, background related to the project, other courses taken appropriate to the project and so on. Take a thorough inventory of the group’s resources.

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SOCS 325 Discussion Collaborative Group Project

SOCS 325 Discussion Collaborative Group Project

What does each group member already know about the topic?
Include “kick-off” introductions, going over interests, goals and skills of each individual, including personal schedules, group dynamics, as well as availability. Assigning clear roles with job descriptions for each member can reduce confusion and duplication later.
How much time is there to learn more about the topic? What more do you want to add to the group knowledge of the topic through research?
What does the group need to produce the deliverable – knowledge, organization and management, writing and presentation skills, technology?
How should the group work be structured? Have members been assigned roles or activities? If you can choose your own group structure, what roles and activities will you do?
Establish a structure by appointing a coordinator and recorder.
How will decisions be made? How will problems be resolved?
Deciding on the decision making process will eliminate delays later on.
Is there a leader who will oversee the project and make decisions? Will all members have input or veto power? It is good to think about and discuss these questions before you get started.
How will you communicate? How often will you check for messages and reply to others? Are there any times that you will not be able to participate?
For projects that last only days or weeks, checking for messages DAILY is recommended. Checking for messages several times a day or using Instant Messenger is even better. Threaded (asynchronous) discussions work well for group project communications so all responses, ideas, questions and comments are all available for reference. Chats are quick but may be difficult to schedule. Email and lists may also be used, but care must be taken to ensure that everyone gets all the information and can keep it organized. Some groups even phone members with important reminders. Be sure to get contact information – email addresses and SMS numbers, at the beginning of the project.
Are your required to use tools or technology for the project? Are all members prepared? What can be done to accommodate these requirements?
Have you established the basic structure for your group? Is every one in the group clear about who the members are? The purpose of the group and the project? The structure of the group and the work to be done? The roles and responsibilities for each member of the group? If not, ask some questions or offer suggestions. It is very important that membership, purpose, structure, and roles are well understood by all group members before moving on.

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