SOC 305 Non Conventional Nature of Success Bibliography

March 8, 2022
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SOC 305 Non Conventional Nature of Success Bibliography

SOC 305 Non Conventional Nature of Success Bibliography

I need help on Theorist Biography pages 222-223 only the Biography Skecthc George Simmel and annotated biography on George Simmel must be academic research articles from CSUDH library database.

Theorist Biography & Annotated Bibliography Assignment Instructions Sheet
(Theorist Biography 5 @ 5pts ea. – Theorist/Annotated Bibliography 5 @ 5 pts. ea.)

This is a two-part assignment, both parts of these assigned writing assignments are to be completed. Below are the requirements/instructions for both Part I and Part II

Part I – students are to read the biography of the assigned theorist (see schedule at the bottom of page two below). After reading the biography in a minimum of a 1/2-page single spaced write-up students are to discuss what they found interesting about the theorist; I do not want a summary of the autobiography.

Part II – of the assignment requires going online and searching the CSUDH library electronic data base for three (3) academic research articles related to the theorist,
 including studies using the theory,
 studies discussing the details of the theory,
 other theories developed from the theory or that expand the theory discussed in Part One.
 Students may research any aspect of the theorist or their theory.

Once the academic research articles have been selected, all three (3) articles are to be cited in ASA (American Sociological Association) format. Next students are to summarize three (3) of the three (3) articles selected. These summaries should also be singled spaced with a minimum of half (1/2) a page to three quarters (3/4) of a page in length (see page two for required information to be included in your journal summary).

SOC 305 Non Conventional Nature of Success BibliographyFor the ASA formatting instruction, I will post the Purdue Owl link in Blackboard under the Content link and included the link with these directions for your convenience. All summaries are due on Friday by 11:59 p.m. in Blackboard using the Assignments Link (see due dates in the table below). Please edit and proof this assignment prior to submitting the work; this is an upper division undergraduate course; your work should reflect this status.

• NOTE: This assignment is to be completed using Microsoft office word software, no Google Doc. or any other software will be accepted. DO NOT submit the assignment as an attachment that must be downloaded; these will not be opened or downloaded due to the risk of a virus. Assignments received in any other format or as an attachment will receive a grade of zero (0) points. Students having problems submitting the assignment please feel free to contact me for help. Below is the link for the Purdue Owl website with the ASA citation manual included.

Keywords: name of theorist i.e., Karl Marx, George Simmel, and others; sociological theories, Conflict Theory, Structural Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, Feminist Theory, AGIL imperative, dialectical philosophy

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The following information must be included in your summaries of each source:

1) The author(s) research question or the purpose of the study; be brief no more than a few sentences.

2) The research methodology used, was it quantitative or qualitative, and the specific method e.g., focus groups, interviews, questionnaires, meta-analysis, survey, mixed, etc.) also should be brief no more than a few sentences.

3) The sample size (number of participants) and the demographics (age, gender, race, offenses, etc.); this should be brief usually no more than a few sentences.

4) The findings in the article(s). This is where most of your summary should be focused. The overwhelming majority of your sentences should be devoted to the findings on the research presented in the article(s), spelled out explicitly.


This is a combination writing summary and annotated bibliography assignment; the easiest money you’ll ever make (Shaft the movie; 2000). You will be assigned five (5) writing assignments from the text. This assignment not only will require going on the CSUDH library database and searching for three (3) academic articles related to the assigned writing. The assignment will also require students to discuss interesting points found in the reading in a half-page write-up. Additional instructions will be provided for the assignment under the link for the lab. Please use the following databases: SocioINDEX, Social Sciences Full Text (Wilson), PsyInfo, Psychology Databases, PsycARTICLES, ProQuest, Criminal Justice Abstracts, Toro Online Catalog of Books, as well as other databases provided by the university through the library to locate sources of interest. These articles are to be cited in the American Sociological Associations (ASA) format which can be found on the Purdue Owl website. Instructions on how to access both of these sites (Purdue Owl and CSUDH library) will be provided during the semester, as well as additional details for this assignment. These assignments will be due on Friday’s by 11:59 p.m.; due date can be found on the list of writing assignments posted in Blackboard under the content link.

• This assignment is two assignments in one: a writing assignment and a library research assignment. Meaning, for each assigned writing summary you must go to the library and search the data base for three (3) academic articles that are related to the assigned writing summary.


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