SOC 280 Social Inequality Essay

March 8, 2022
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SOC 280 Social Inequality Essay

SOC 280 Social Inequality Essay

How Does Society Deal With Inequality

Examine the website:

Write a 1- to 2-page paper in APA format that answers the following questions:

How does this website relate to what you read this week? Make sure to explain the purpose of the organization’s website. You may want to look at the About EEOC page. Copying from the page will not be tolerated.

What does this site allow someone to do? How does someone do this? What ways are there of doing this?

For which types of discrimination can someone file a complaint?

Do you think having this site online and accessible to anyone is a good thing? Why or why not?

Do you think you might use a site like this if the situation arose? Why or why not?

According to the site, which U.S. law or act is responsible for preventing discrimination and is responsible for the creation of this organization?

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SOC 280 Social Inequality Essay

SOC 280 Social Inequality Essay

Social Inequality As we prosper through time, inequality is slowly less evident. A lot of people don’t realize that although things are improving with time, inequality is still prominent in our society. The people that are failing to realize that there still is inequality, are the fortunate ones. They rise well above the poverty line, and usually live relatively economically sound lives. They are the people who are supplied with our society’s benefits. Social Inequality Essay. The people that are in pursuit of social change, and constantly bring attention to issues of equal rights and privileges, are often the people that do not have them.

They are the ones who suffer daily from different levels of inequality. The majority of post-secondary students are considered to be privileged people. This tends to cause an ignorance, or lack of education, towards inequality because most of the students do not experience great levels of inequality. When our class was given our first quiz, everybody was able to feel a sense of inequality. As the class was divided into the different time groups, every student felt the unequal opportunity. Even the students that were allotted the most time for the quiz were able to at least see the inequality.

As different times were announced the less fortunate students began to complain, and the more fortunate ones realized that their once equal peers, were now placed in an unequal situation. Since most of the students do not experience great amounts of inequality, the unequal time distribution shocked them. Fortunately for myself, I have grown up in an upper-middle class family. Although my parents have always tried to educate me on inequality, I never experienced much of it. During the class exercise I was placed in group three, and was given six minutes to complete my quiz. Although this was almost enough time for me to complete my quiz, I was definitely jealous of the students that were allotted more time.

Even though the groups were arranged randomly, I still felt like I was treated unequally to my peers. I felt unequal to both my peers that had more, and less time, than me. The situation made me angry, and I wanted an explanation from the instructor for the unequal situation that was forced upon me. Social Inequality Essay. I felt the injustice because I had a different time to write my quiz than a neighboring peer; who pays the same tuition, and attends the same class as I do. I wanted to know why some of my peers were given more time than I was, thus enabling them to possibly score higher on the quiz.

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