Science Coffee Plantation in Brazil Research Paper

March 8, 2022
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Science Coffee Plantation in Brazil Research Paper

Science Coffee Plantation in Brazil Research Paper

In Module 2: The Coffee Plant and Biophysical Landscape, you learned about the two main coffee growing systems: shade-grown and sun-grown. We have also assigned you a country for the final research paper. For this assignment, use class lectures and readings, along with additional research, to find out which coffee growing system your assigned country predominantly uses. Then, based on the research, evaluate the environmental sustainability of that system in your assigned country in 400 words.
Important note: we are asking you to evaluate only the environmental sustainability of the coffee growing system in your assigned country.
For this assignment, we define environmental sustainability as the preservation of longstanding ecological processes related to water and soils, maintenance of biodiversity, and the ability of ecological systems to restore their prior function.
Audience : For this paper you will be writing to a general academic audience. The required level of scientific explanation is the same as in a major newspaper, so you will need to provide brief definitions of any technical terms you employ. This is an academic audience, however, and so you should assume readers are adept at evaluating arguments, recognizing inconsistencies, and differentiating strong evidence from flimsy justification. A general academic audience is, by nature, skeptical and prone to look for exceptions to broad claims. This audience appreciates efficient writing and frowns upon repetition. This audience is not aware of our class, our instructors, lecturers, or assigned reading. If you want to discuss them, you will need to introduce these and other sources of evidence to the reader.

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Required structure: You are encouraged to organize your assignment in whatever way you feel most clearly communicates your argument. A recommended structure is:

Provide a brief introductory paragraph that names the most common coffee production system in your country (i.e. sun- or shade-grown) and makes a claim about the environmental sustainability of that system. State this claim in your thesis statement!
Choose 2 reasons that your claim is true; write a body paragraph about each reason;
Write a clear topic sentence for each body paragraph;
Make sure each body paragraph uses strong evidence, such as statistics, examples, or peer-reviewed research;
Summarize your thesis and main points with a brief concluding paragraph
These are some of the sources! u have to reference on of them at least one

the country is Brazil
Use APA Style throughout your paper;
We expect you to have properly formatted in-text citations (Links to an external site.), a reference list (Links to an external site.) and overall paper formatting (Links to an external site.) including:
A unique title for your paper;
One-inch margins around each side;
12 pt. Times New Roman font;
References with hanging indents;
You do not need an abstract, cover page, or header;


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