LSS 1003 My Future Story Essay

March 8, 2022
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LSS 1003 My Future Story Essay

LSS 1003 My Future Story Essay

I want a future story of mine in 40 years I am 19 years old now to be written in 300 words min on the same trend that I had in my poster in the additional material which is THE DEVELOPMENT OF TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION IN THE UAE. AND WRITE MY FUTURE STORY USING MY sheikha, follow all the instructions and write about the trend using information only in THE UAE, follow the example below.

Student example text.
A My name is Ahmed and I’m a 65 year old retired businessman who lives in Dubai. Dubai has changed a lot in the last 35 years. I think one of the biggest changes has been the use of drone technology. We first started hearing more about drones around 2015. That was when the technology which had been developed for military use started emerging in other areas, specifically in the recreation industry. And that was where the problems first started.

B Suddenly, drones were everywhere! I remember you could buy them in toy shops. And in the parks in Dubai you would see people with their drones. However, because the technology was improving so quickly, soon this trend spread to other industries, such as, product delivery, farming, and making videos. Delivery products with drones became very popular around the year 2025. In fact, it became so popular that it started affecting city life in many ways. For example, there was less traffic as most goods were being delivered by drone. This was great! It meant less travelling time to get to work in the mornings, which meant less stress and improved health levels for people, not to mention having more free time. It also meant less CO2 emissions, and cleaner air. The effect on the city as a whole was very positive. But that all changed very quickly.

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C I think it was 2030, when the drone related crime really became a problem. Five years before that, no one would have guessed this would become such a big issue. It was then that everyone was talking about ‘dronejacking’, and of course the government had to do something, and quickly. So suddenly we had all these laws aimed at controlling drone crime. Many companies’ profits decreased, which in turn meant job losses. I remember it was around this time that I lost my job. The effect of all this was that within two years Dubai was experiencing an economic recession.

D However, as always with technological developments new ways of controlling drone usage saw a decrease in drone related crime, and more recently the economy has really picked up on the back of increased drone activity.
E This really suits people nowadays as we do not really leave home much at all anymore, compared to 2020. Most people work from home, and with the new 3D hologram home entertainment systems, we don’t even need to go on holiday anymore. Last year my whole family ordered a holiday in Africa using Etisalat’s upgraded e-life service. We had a wonderful time without leaving the safety of our home. That is why drones are so important nowadays. We are just not used to being out anymore. Although I must say, sometimes I do miss the old days and the sounds and smells of the ‘real’ city.

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