KIN 340 Physiology of Exercise Lab Report

March 8, 2022
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KIN 340 Physiology of Exercise Lab Report

KIN 340 Physiology of Exercise Lab Report

1. Using the results from your VO2max test complete the following:

a. Write out a heart rate-based exercise prescription for the following types of exercise or intensity ranges. Make sure to include a warm up and cool down. Also using your max test results to estimate what wattage (on the bike) or treadmill speed and grade you could use to elicit these heart rates. Please include actual heart rate bpm ranges AND % of heart rate max ranges (i.e. 185 bpm – 191 bpm @ 90-95% of HRmax).
i. Continuous vigorous exercise at 75% of HRmax for 30 minutes
ii. High intensity interval training (HIIT) with your heart rate between 90-95% of HRmax during the intervals. Use either the 4×4 or the 16×1 protocol or you can come up with your own
iii. Continuous vigorous exercise at 60% of the VO2max

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b. Next use the above workouts to design a 5 day/week cardio plan that you could use to improve your VO2max, VT, and endurance performance. Include details of your 1) exercise mode, 2) intensity based on heart rate, 3) frequency of each type of workout, and 4) duration of each.

2. Using the results of the HIIT and continuous vigorous exercise protocols attached in this module as “HIIT Sample Data” and “CONT Sample Data” answer the following questions. Use both subjects’ data (HIIT and CONT) to answer the following questions. Must include both subjects’ data in each answer.

a. Which workout was perceived to be harder? Use the average and peak RPE data.
b. Which workout do you think would be preferred by most people and why? Use the data.
c. Which workout burnt more calories? Make sure you write out the actual kcal numbers for each.
d. Which workout had a higher average heart rate? Which had a higher peak heart rate? Show the actual results.
e. Which workout had higher average ventilation? Which had higher peak ventilation? Show the actual results. How might this be related to perceived exertion?


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