Existence of Natural Diseases and Deaths

March 8, 2022
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Existence of Natural Diseases and Deaths

Existence of Natural Diseases and Deaths

Assume for the moment that there is an omniscient, omnipotent, omnibenevolent and otherwise perfect creator of the universe (this is the view of all the Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam). If God is so knowledgeable, powerful and good, then why does God allow, for example, so many children to die of terrible and painful genetic diseases.? These are diseases caused by nature, not people. God would have the knowledge to stop them, the power to stop them, and like any loving father, it would seem, God would want to cure or wipe out these terrible afflictions on humanity. What father wants to see his children suffer terribly and then die? Isn’t it cruel to allow such horrible tragedies to occur, and does that not throw into question the existence of such a being? Think about this a little before you respond. For example, you might be tempted to say, well, if a child dies of one of these diseases, people rally together and donate money to find a cure, so a greater good comes about. But if God is all powerful, couldn’t he wipe out the disease to begin with, and not inflict and sacrifice innocent children to bring it about? Or, or if you are tempted to say we need some bad things in life to know or appreciate the good, well, that seems unfair to the suffering and DYING children who are being used as a means to make other people fully appreciate the good in their lives. Finally, if you are tempted to say, these children must die to bring about some final profoundly hidden greater good, well, God is supposed to be omnipotent (He can do ANYTHING that is not logically impossible, like making a square circle), so why couldn’t God bring about this great final good without making innocent children suffer and die?

Kaleve Regala:

Existence of Natural Diseases and DeathsWhen I was in high school, i went to a well know private school in this area, we had religion class and this was one topic/debate that would always come up. I remember that the answer to why God does these things are truly unknown. We can make speculations and come up why he does these things but he really do not know. God works in mysterious ways and we cannot question his works. God has a plan for all of us and we can’t turn away from his powers and works. I think when bad things like this where for example, a deadly disease killing children , that this is the work of the devil. I think that’s when we blame God and ask why without really thinking about if Satan was the one who did this. I think at that time and moment is where we really question God and why he let that happen. We can’t really find a true and definite answer as to why these would happen because he is such much higher power we don’t know what the benefits and sometimes consequences of his are. This is honestly a hard question to answer to find out why God lets this happen.

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Viviana Barba:

One could say that God is testing our loyalty through genetic diseases and the suffering of humanity. It could be said that these diseases and the suffering they cause are tests that God puts us through to see if we remain loyal to him even after he allows such hardship to be done to us. If we decide to blame him for these hardships and curse his name then we have failed the test. Proving that under situations of incredible pain and suffering we could not remain faithful to him and instead turned against him. These testes prove which one of us are faithful to him no matter what circumstances God puts us through and which ones are not. One could also say that the ones that prove their faithfulness to the almightly creator are rewarded many times over in the afterlife. Furthermore it can be said that the children that die become angles in God’s heavenly kingdom since they have not committed any sin and were used as God’s instruments of testing faithfulness. There can be many ways to interpret God’s plan for humanity and it might be hard to understand the way God works. I am a true believer in destiny and I strongly believe that everything that happens to me and anyone is all part of a plan created by the almighty creator.

Dennis Le:

I believe the main problem with these lines of questions is the assumption of the type of personality this “God” has. Most believe that he/she would be omnibenevolent and kind and a lover of their creations but what if that was not the case? We believe this God to be a parent of all life and as such we view them the way a child would view their parents. So thinking along those lines could we not assume that this God might be negligent towards his creations? For every good and loving parent there will always be another awful and dangerous parent. The awful parent could neglect or not even care about their child. Just seeing them as a nuisance. What if the God of our world felt the same? What if he saw us as just failures and just abandoned us to our own devices? To die off to new diseases and to allow far off children to die for neglect.

Existence of Natural Diseases and DeathsA random thought that I sometimes think about every now and then. What if our world was created as an experiment for a research lab that we have no idea of finding out. A simulation created to test or to amuse some greater being?

But that is beside the point. Looking back at the prompt it states that our god is omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent. All this but allows truly terrible acts and situations to occur, such as the starvation of children. According to a religious friend of mine, God sees and cares about all of the happenings in his world but he chooses not to intervene because he believes people need to grow past their sins. He believes in a hands off approach towards raising humans and hoping that they’ll solve the problems on their own.

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