Discussion Sociology Race and Ethnicity

March 8, 2022
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Discussion Sociology Race and Ethnicity

Discussion Sociology Race and Ethnicity

● Read Chapters Chapter 21: “Population, Urbanization, and the Environment
● Review the PBS Frontline documentary “The Storm”https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/storm/ and the documentary “The End of Poverty.” https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x22eynh

Food for Thought:
After the hurricane and killer floods, New Orleans was victimized by another disaster…… the disaster response itself. Every level of government that was supposed to prepare for the storm and its aftermath failed miserably. All were unwilling to make the expensive commitments to shore up vulnerable levees or replenish vanishing wetlands that left New Orleans so open to flooding. There was no logical plan to evacuate the city, particularly those too sick, poor or stubborn to leave. Almost eight years after the disaster in New Orleans, people were still asking these questions: What happened to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)? Who was responsible for the disaster? Was it the government’s responsibility on the local, state and/or federal level to provide for the citizens of New Orleans? Or were the citizens themselves responsible, like many critics argued, because they did not leave before the hurricanes hit?
The documentary for this week, ‘The Storm”https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/storm/ looks at what happens when our government on all levels fails to provide for its citizens.
Question: Why do you think FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) and the government on all levels failed the citizens of New Orleans, leaving thousands dead and homeless? Did race and ethnicity play a role in FEMA’s late response or was FEMA simply overwhelmed and unaware of just how bad the situation was?
Total Assignment (original response, two responses on other posts, and up to five responses on my post):
Original Response (due Wednesday):

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One original answer to the discussion question
Two Paragraphs, 150-250 words
Need to weave in evidence, anecdotes, examples, or citations in MLA format from the readings/videos.

Reply to two of your classmates on their post: (Due Wednesday).
One paragraph each, minimum of 6-8 sentences, 75-150 words
ask critical questions back, elaborate their thoughts

Respond to my post: (I’ll send the responses on Sunday because I need to wait for responses, could be up to five responses, Due Monday)
One or a few sentences, but needs to be thoughtful instead of restating what they said.

Responses to my post:

“It’s interesting how Michael Brown was clueless about the stranded victims without food, water, or shelter for 3-5 days! However, two months before the natural disaster, he knew that the agency would fail to protect and provide for the victims. His statement makes me agree with you that FEMA was aware of how bad the situation was and not overwhelmed. I also found it odd that they didn’t know how severe it would be when their job is required to think that way to prepare and protect citizens from natural disasters. I do agree with you that race and ethnicity played a role. Do you believe that was the reason why the military took so long to help victims in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Also, do you think FEMA and government officials would’ve prepared and paid more attention/care towards the 9th ward if they weren’t a marginalized community?”

“I definitely agree that FEMA was led poorly especially when it came to assisting these people. They were not even aware of what was happening as seen on the video they thought things was clear at first and was not taking this seriously. Many lives could have saved if the government just led FEMA in the right direction to help assist these people.”

“I also agree with you on how FEMA was poorly led and how the actions of the government depended on the race of the victims. FEMA had literally turned away help they were getting from multiple big industries and if that’s not saying how direct this act of using a natural disaster as a way of punishing an ethnicity is then I don’t know what is.”



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