Discussion: Reflection Paper In Nursing

April 5, 2022
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Discussion: Reflection Paper In Nursing

Discussion: Reflection Paper In Nursing


Task Description:

During PEP, you will regularly encounter clinical episodes that both challenge and enhance your developing professional practice. The purpose of this task is to generate a reflective paper focussed on ONE of the five ‘prerequisites’ of the person-centred nursing framework. These ‘prerequisites’ are considered the essential attributes for health professionals to facilitate person-centred outcomes (McCormack, Manley & Titchen 2013). These are identified as follows:

1. Professionally competent

2. Developed interpersonal skills

3. Commitment to the job

4. Clarity of beliefs and values

5. Knowing ‘self’

From your PEP , consider a clinical encounter (either through direct observation of other health professional/s or your own actions), where you felt a pre-requisite may have been lacking or questionable. Briefly outline the situation and identify which pre-requisite/s may have impacted/contributed to the patient outcome.

Choose ONE of these as your focus and briefly relate this to the literature regarding person-centred outcomes and why this pre-requisite is considered an important attribute for practitioners. You will also be required to consider your own practice to ensure you adequately meet this pre-requisite as you progress through the final stages of your degree and continue to establish your professional identity.

Additional resources including a template to populate with your reflection is attatched.

Reference: McCormack, B., Manley, K. and Titchen, A. eds., 2013. Practice development in nursing and healthcare. John Wiley & Sons.

Paper for Reflection 
It’s been amazing to have clinical rotations on the telemetry, medical surgery, labor and delivery, and postpartum floors thus far. 
Although, over the last few months, I’ve witnessed number of nurses converse and act in ways that would never expect certified nurse to do. 
These experiences taught me how to put up equipment more quickly, how to handle problems when the family is there, and how to communicate effectively between doctors, physical therapists, and case managers. 
The nurses who failed to provide good care to their patients will serve as role models for me to avoid becoming. 
In my nursing profession, the top three priorities have for myself are… 
Please show more material…


“Perceived impediments to continuing education (CE) participation may exist, making it difficult for nurses to integrate CE into their professional practice.” 
Cost, lack of time, problematic scheduling, lack of awareness about educational options, job duties, household responsibilities, lack of interest, and lack of confidence were among the reasons for non-participation in health professional CE courses (Dean, 2004). 
believe that lack of time, domestic duties, and job stress would be difficulties for me. 
When it comes to the safety and quality of care provide my patients, now understand the need of employing evidence-based practice in all do in the hospital. 
Completing CE hours or enrolling in college-level continuing education is not required to develop knowledge. 
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