Discussion Our Changing Family Life

March 8, 2022
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Discussion Our Changing Family Life

Discussion Our Changing Family Life

Need help in writing a discussion post + 2 responses to other posts + up to five responses on my post.

You will read one chapter and watch documentaries. Then you will answer the discussion question prompt.

-For the discussion post DUE WED: need to include evidence, anecdotes, examples, or citations in MLA format from the readings/videos.

Needs to be two paragraphs 150-250 words

-For the two responses on other post DUE WED Reply to two people, one paragraph each/75-150 words/6-8 sentences, must be meaningful reply, ask critical questions back,

-For the up to five responses on my post DUE THE NEXT MON: reply in one or a few sentences. Needs to be thoughtful

● Read Chapter 15: “Families” http://docshare04.docshare.tips/files/28681/286813120.pdf
● Review the PBS Frontline documentaries “Poor Kids”http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/poor-kids/ and “Two American Families.” http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/two-american-families/
● Review the Knickerbocker Productions short documentary “Our Changing Family Life” (1957). https://archive.org/details/OurChang1957

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Food for Thought:
As the dynamics of life in America and around the world changes, so do our attitudes about marriage and the family. It has been argued by scholars that once upon a time traditional marriages and families were one of the most powerful institutions in the eyes of God, nonetheless, a lot has changed since the early part of the century, so has the face of traditional marriages and families.
For this forum you will view a short video clip titled “Our Changing Family Life” (1957) https://archive.org/details/OurChang1957 . As you answer the question you can look at your own family as an example.
Discussion Question: In your opinion what has happened to the institution of marriage and the family in this country and how can the American family survive in an ever-changing society? Can it survive?
Total Assignment (original response, two responses on other posts, and up to five responses on my post):
Original Response (due Wednesday):
One original answer to the discussion question
Two Paragraphs, 150-250 words
Need to weave in evidence, anecdotes, examples, or citations in MLA format from the readings/videos.

Reply to two of your classmates on their post: (Due Wednesday, still waiting on one more classmate to post).
One paragraph each, minimum of 6-8 sentences, 75-150 words
ask critical questions back, elaborate their thoughts

Respond to my post: (I’ll send the responses on Sunday because I need to wait for responses, could be up to five responses, Due Monday)
One or a few sentences, but needs to be thoughtful instead of restating what they said.

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