Discussion Double Consciousness

March 8, 2022
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Discussion Double Consciousness

Discussion Double Consciousness

Each response/answer should be a minimum of three paragraphs (minimum of 10 sentences per paragraph) Double spaced

Citations: When you refer to material from the chapters, cite at the end of the sentence, example, (Kitano, 2006, p. 137). Failure to cite in your responses will result in a deduction of one full grade for that question

What evidence does the author present to illustrate that ancestry is more

important than behavior? Another way of thinking about this is to discuss the relationship

between representations of race and racism In your discussion, you must include the


Double Consciousness. (Define it and think about how the article addresses this

Hegemonic culture. (Define it and think about how the article addresses this

In-group versus out-group. (Define it and think about how the article addresses this

Racial pariahs. (Define it and think about how the article addresses this concept).

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Define and discuss the author’s theory of Domination and give some examples of
how this theory is applied using Kitano’s experiences.

Describe the relationship between war and racist ideology.
As you introduce these concepts above in your answer, make sure to first define
them, before you use them in your discussion.

Use specific examples from the article and do not generalize

Double consciousness is the internal conflict experienced by subordinated or colonized groups in an oppressive society. The term and the idea were first published in W. E. B. Du Bois’s autoethnographic work, The Souls of Black Folk in 1903, in which he described the African American experience of double consciousness, including his own.[1]

Originally, double consciousness was specifically the psychological challenge African Americans experienced of “always looking at one’s self through the eyes” of a racist white society and “measuring oneself by the means of a nation that looked back in contempt”.[1] The term also referred to Du Bois’s experiences of reconciling his African heritage with an upbringing in a European-dominated society.[2]

More recently, the concept of double consciousness has been expanded to other situations of social inequality, notably women living in patriarchal societies as well as LGBTQ people living in homophobic and transphobic societies.

The idea of double consciousness is important because it illuminates the experiences of black people living in post-slavery America, and also because it sets a framework for understanding the position of oppressed people in an oppressive world. As a result, it became used to explain the dynamics of gender, colonialism, xenophobia and more alongside race. This theory laid a strong foundation for other critical theorists to expand upon.

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