Assignment: Undergraduate Field Experiences

April 5, 2022
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Assignment: Undergraduate Field Experiences

Assignment: Undergraduate Field Experiences

LoudCloud will be used to document and follow the status of your practice immersion hours throughout this course. Students must be able to document a minimum of 100 practice hours in association with this course to fulfill the total required practice hours in the RN-to-BSN program. Please review the Practice Hours Portfolio Required Elements below, then review the Guidelines for Undergraduate Field Experiences resource for details on what may or may not qualify as practice hours.

Practice Hours Portfolio Required Elements

The Practice Hours Portfolio will include all of the following elements:

  1. Individual Success Plan signed off by course mentor.
  2. Comprehensive clinical log of hours applied to program learning outcomes.
  3. Student evaluations (final).
  4. Course mentor evaluations (final).
  5. Faculty approvals of the Individual Success Plan and documented practice immersion hours. (Student is responsible for obtaining approvals.)

Course mentor’s approval of the Individual Success Plan and documented practice immersion hours. (Student is responsible for obtaining approvals.)

Instructions from the ISP


Create your Individual Success Plan (ISP) for NRS-490, the Professional Capstone and Practicum course, using this form. 
An individual success plan outlines what you, the RN-to-BSN student, must do in order to be successful in this course and during your overall program of study. 
Individual Success Plan Example You will also share this with your mentor at the start and end of the course so that he or she is aware of your goals.


Individual Success Plan Example lists application-based learning assignments in the course syllabus, with Practice Portfolio Statement required element specified inside the assignment itself. 
You must complete the following programming criteria in order to successfully finish and graduate from the RN-to-BSN Program: (1) 100 practice immersion hours, and (2) work connected with all program competencies.


You will identify any objectives, actions, and/or assignments related to the 100 practice immersion hours you must complete by the end of this course in this ISP. 
Indicate the deadlines for completing each job and/or assignment. 
self-assessment of how you met all pertinent GCU RN-to-BSN Domains Competencies should be included in your plan (see Appendix A).


ALL course assignments with “Practice Hours Portfolio” declaration must be included in the ISP, and each assignment is worth about 10 hours. 
This time log must be filled out with actual clock hours.


Requirements in General


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