Assignment: Disease Detective

April 5, 2022
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Assignment: Disease Detective

Assignment: Disease Detective

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Review the following websites and activities.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]. Solve the outbreak. Disease detective. Retrieved from

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2017). Partnering to heal. Retrieved from

Create a journal entry of 200-250 words reflecting on your personal experiences or thoughts regarding the activities at these sites, the content and epidemiological methods utilized. Are you able to identify modes of transmission and implement interventions better with these learning tools? Have you ever participated in an outbreak investigation or care of a person during such an event? Share your insights to outbreak investigation and the use of epidemiology tools.

Epidemiologists are on the ground to evaluate disease outbreaks and other hazards. 
Epidemiologists, sometimes known as “Disease Detectives,” look for the origin of disease, identify those who are at risk, and figure out how to control or stop the spread of disease or prevent it from happening again. 
“Disease Detectives” are doctors, veterinarians, scientists, and other health professionals who specialize on specific disease.


What are the responsibilities of epidemiologists?
Disease detectives start by looking for clues, just like detectives at crime scene. 
They collect data in systematic manner, asking questions like:


Who is the one who is sick?
What signs and symptoms do they have?
When did they become ill?
What were the chances of them being discovered?
Epidemiologists examine the answers to these questions using statistical analysis to determine how particular health problem emerged.


Disease investigators discover previously unknown ailments, such as Legionnaire’s disease and SARS, as well as the organisms that cause them.


The information gathered during the inquiry is used by disease detectives to give recommendations for controlling the spread of the disease or preventing it in the future.


Learn more about the Epidemic Intelligence Service’s disease detectives at the CDC (EIS).


The “research of the distribution and determinants of health-related states among specified populations, and the application of that study to the control of health issues” is epidemiology. 
— An Epidemiology Dictionary


Epidemiologists are on the ground to evaluate disease outbreaks and other hazards. 
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