Assignment: Battling Bad Science

April 5, 2022
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Assignment: Battling Bad Science

Assignment: Battling Bad Science

Babbie (2016) stated, “social theory has to do with what is, not with what should be. For many centuries, however, social theory did not distinguish between these two orientations. Social philosophers liberally mixed their observations of what happened around them, their speculations about why, and their ideas about how things ought to be. Although modern social researchers may do the same from time to time, as scientists they focus on how things actually are and why” (pg. 9).

If social researchers ‘focus on how things actually are and why’, why are we considering the information provided in the TedTalk, Battling Bad Science?

Discussion 2

What is inductive reasoning and why is it associated with qualitative research? 

What is deductive reasoning and why is it associated with quantitative research? 

And to move this discussion even further, what is abductive reasoning?



Ben Goldacre is medical doctor, professor, and science journalist. 
He is Wellcome research fellow in epidemiology at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine since 2014, and founder of the AllTrials campaign, which advocates for open scientific standards in clinical trials.




Ben’s duty as an epidemiologist is to use evidence and science to determine what is healthy for the body. 
Newspaper headlines, for example, categorize things that enhance or decrease cancer risk — and occasionally contradict themselves by declaring coffee to be in both categories. 
The focus of this discussion is on how evidence can be altered through deception or ignorance.


Bad science makes use of authority — people or experts – while rejecting the evidence they provide. 
The weight of argument or evidence, rather than who says it, should carry good science. 
It’s simple to create authority status – TV doctors can add pHd to their name or sign up for advanced credentials of something or other online.


Evidence can also be muddled: newspaper headline claimed that red wine lowers the incidence of breast cancer. 
The study from which this information was obtained focused at single molecule isolated from grape skins battling cancer cells in petri dish — it has no application outside of this scenario. 
Wine’s alcohol level, in fact, raises your cancer risk.


Another study found that persons who consume olive oil and veggies have less wrinkles. 
People who ate olive oil and veggies had less wrinkles, but they PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH ALL NURSING ESSAYS TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT  ordernowcc-blue
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